Mazetools presentation at Hybrid Music Lab Conference Berlin (14. July 2017)

Invited by the Berlin Music Commission , we gave an introduction to Mazetools Soniface at the Hybrid Music Lab, a conference that sets focus on current digital developments at the intersection of music and technology. Thank you to all people, who gave us feedback. It was a lot of fun to meet a lot of nice people!

ZKM AppArtAward 2017 for Mazetools Soniface – Thank you! (7. July 2017)

Shortly after our app release we took part on the ZKM AppArtAward 2017. Thankfully they extended the deadline for the competition. So, we had two days left for the submission. Then, we won the SoundArt prize! That was incredible! Thank you ZKM and BigFM! It was a very nice award ceremony and a great time in Karlsruhe…