Mazetools Soniface 2.0 release (28. March 2019)

After a long time we’re very happy to announce the 2.0 update! Beside huge improvements and new functions, it contains the possibility to combine motion capture technology ty synthesizers, drums, samples and effects.

Another great feature is the new Visual Interface to connect at least 3 projectors with different channels (if your hardware allows). Further the Sound, Sampler and the Rhythm Interfaces have been improved fundamentally with new sound effects (Low-Pass resonance filter, Echo, Feedback/ Distortion, Chorus and a High-Pass Filter) and a sample now can be linked to the Grid and played in this way. Thanks to Akihiro Komori Soniface now includes Ableton Link to synchronize musical tempo.

A new main feature is motion tracking: Body-Tracking controllers (tested with Kinect V1/V2 and Intel Real Sense) can be connected directly to effects & parameters of synths, drums and samples. It is also possible to trigger drums or samples by special impulse gestures. The motion tracking is also related to the 3D figure of the Visual Interface. The support of the Leap Motion Controller has been implemented as well. The new interface can be accessed via the Automation Interface and allows to control effects and parameters with hand movements (like with Midi Input).