App2Music workshops – ready for school! (7. November 2018)

In cooperation with the association App2Music Germany, the Heinrich Heine School and the theater Halle Jakob Gruhl is doing workshops which focus on music apps. The children will be introduced to make sounds, rhythms and music with mobile devices as well as recording methods. The main topic is about mobbing and the affect of social media to the human relations …

Song for the 125th birthday of the poet Mina Witkojc (RBB, 24. August 2018)

In cooperation with the radio Berlin Brandenburg RBB Jakob Gruhl produced a new version of her poem „Erfurtske spomnjesy“ of Mina Witkojc, which is about her experiences during Worldwar II. Thanks to Stephan (Soniface), Jonathan (Oud) and Hans (Drums).

3D Audio performance at Wisp Lab Leipzig (21. July 2018)

Our friends of Wisp Kollektiv invited us to their incredible 3D sound studio in Leipzig to play an audiovisual performance. We were able to map the native 7.1 surround sound of Mazetools Soniface to 24 speakers, what was a fantastic experience. Many thanks also to Jonathan for playing the Oud, what a trip!