Audiovisual concert at Japanisches Palais Dresden (8. Dec 2016)

Exhibition opening of „Prolog“ in Dresdens ethnological museum “Japanisches Palais”. It was a great session with Thomas Schönfeld. We used a lot of field recordings, the trumpet and the Mazetools for a mapping. It is still possible to visit the great exhibition »Prolog«…

Yes! Received »ego.-Start Gründerstipendium« (1. Oct 2016)

Wohoo, we got it! The Bank of our home state Sachsen-Anhalt IBSA agreed to a scholarship for innovative technologies (ego.-Start Gründerstipendium)! The MazeTools will come soon! Thank you Univations Halle! There is still a lot to do, but we are looking forward to a great time!

Audio production workshop at JuKuWe Leipizig summer-academy (1. Jul 2016)

We built up a basic DAW and used it in different ways. The final result was fictional podcast named “Radio 16” with a special about the „JoJo Vacation Academy“. The kids had the chance to talk about their use media and favorite music. We recorded voices and instruments, discovered audio effects and mixed everything together.

Visual mapping at »Tolerave« party Dresden (28. Mar 2015)

“The city of Dresden is a colourful and multicultural place for many different people – and we want to keep it just like that.” We were invited to make visuals for Dresdens first Tolerave and had the honor to perform with the incredible Yarah Bravo!!

Audiovisual installation and performance at 3000° Festival (15. Aug 2014)

Ectoplastic got invited to build their prototype installation at the 3000° festival and created a place to listen and see. As a visitor you got the opportunity interact with maze per hand tracking hardware or to test and play with the interface to control the installation. The sessions for improvisations with oud, violine, maze and electronic beats made the installation …