Workshop @ WISP Leipzig (10. Dec 2019)

Wisp Kollektiv and Mazetools organized together a two days workshop program in the field of 3D Audio, VVVV, generative audio in Unity and the development of Mazetools. Special thanks to the Kulturamt der Stadt Leipzig, who supported this event.

Acoustic Stories Award at Sound Cinema Düsseldorf (5. April 2019)

Yesterday our interactive radioplay „OMYK – A SPACE ODYSSEY“ has been awarded in the cathegory „Acoustic Stories“ at Sound Cinema Düsseldorf. We created it using Mazetools Soniface and Kinect motion tracking. Thank you for this awesome award and this wonderful evening!

3D Audio performance at Wisp Lab Leipzig (21. July 2018)

Our friends of Wisp Kollektiv invited us to their incredible 3D sound studio in Leipzig to play an audiovisual performance. We were able to map the native 7.1 surround sound of Mazetools Soniface to 24 speakers, what was a fantastic experience. Many thanks also to Jonathan for playing the Oud, what a trip!

Ectoplastic Laboratory Opening (12. Apr 2017)

Our new work space is official! It was a pleasure to have so much kind people around. You make us happy! A special thanks to the musicians Jonathan and Ilja. We hope to see you soon again for some recordings…

Audiovisual concert at Japanisches Palais Dresden (8. Dec 2016)

Exhibition opening of „Prolog“ in Dresdens ethnological museum “Japanisches Palais”. It was a great session with Thomas Schönfeld. We used a lot of field recordings, the trumpet and the Mazetools for a mapping. It is still possible to visit the great exhibition »Prolog«…

Audio production workshop at JuKuWe Leipizig summer-academy (1. Jul 2016)

We built up a basic DAW and used it in different ways. The final result was fictional podcast named “Radio 16” with a special about the „JoJo Vacation Academy“. The kids had the chance to talk about their use media and favorite music. We recorded voices and instruments, discovered audio effects and mixed everything together.